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Cindy Felice Schiffris
WOOF Dog Walking Services
(C)  310-963-8000
(F)  310-388-8481

NOW! for the best in Venice and Marina Del Rey Dog Walking . . . by WOOF Dog Walking Services by Cindy Schiffris, a local resident of Marina del Rey for 21 years, actually living in the Marina City Club, in Marina Del Rey.  I have been a dog owner my whole life, and LOVE to walk your dog in the Venice and Marina del Rey area.  Please call me 310 963 8000. 

marina del rey dog walking

About Marina Del Rey

Pet sitting

Pet sitting is a contract service industry that takes care of a pet animals. The pet sitting industry provides pet owners an alternative option to look after their pets while being away from home. As many people treat their pets with very high affection, an increasing number of people are observed to hire trained and certified pet sitters from pet-sitting services, some of them are covered by insurance protection and emergency support.Professional Pet Sitting

The professional pet-sitting industry is growing rapidly with numbers over 25,000 being reported because many pet owners feel that there are advantages to using pet sitters, rather than traditional pet care options. Reasons people use pet sitters include:[4]

Dog walking


venice beach dog walkingDog walking is both a pastime and a profession involving the act of a person walking with a dog, typically from the dog's residence and then returning. This constitutes part of the daily exercise regime needed to keep a dog healthy. It also provides exercise and companionship for the walker.e walked with a collar around their neck, or a dog harness or by following their owner by familiarity and verbal control. Commonly the dog is walked by the owner, or another family member, but there are also professional dog walkers.

Dog Walking Health benefits

A study showed that people who walk their dogs are 34% more likely to meet expected levels of exercise, with a recommended level of 150 minutes of activity such as dog walking per week.  "There is no magic bullet in getting people to reach those benchmarks but walking a dog has a measurable impact."

Professional dog walkers

Professional dog walkers, both individuals and businesses, are paid by dog owners to walk their dogs for them. Some dog walkers will take many dogs for a walk at once, while others will not. Also growing in popularity is dog running. Dog runners are professionals who will take your dog running, usually between 1 and 10 miles for a set fee, usually not more than 2 dogs at a time. In some jurisdictions dog walking businesses must be licensed and have animal first-aid-trained employees. Professional dog walking services can be obtained locally or through online referral services.